5 Ideas to Setup an Elderly-Friendly Bedroom

Home is where peace is. If your old parents are coming back to home after spending some difficult time at hospital, you need to take care of their extra needs that have impact on their well-being. Of course, you have your healthcare agency one call away but now we are talking about some important ideas that you can follow to make your parents’ bedroom space comfier.

Proper Lighting

It is no wonder that eye sight reduces with increase in age. Hence, you can light up their bedrooms with ample light source so that they can see clearly without straining their eyes much. In addition, using small focus lights to find their things can be of help too.

Tall Bed

Replacing short bed with a tall one is a wise choice. As people grow old, their joints become weak and hence sitting on bed or waking up from it can be very challenging if the bed is short. Experts suggest the ideal height of bed to be 20 to 23 inches for the elderly.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

When even we slip at times, things become tough when elderly do. Hence, in order to move easily and comfortably it is better to install slip-resistant floors. Some of the common types of anti-slippery floors include the ones made of linoleum, rubber, hardwood, etc

Minimal Décor

Necessity is the key. Why clutter a room full of things that they may not even want? Keep elderly’s room de-cluttered with minimal number of furniture or whatsoever is needed for them. This might not only give a pleasant look but also there will be no hindrance to movement as well.

Automated Electricals

When technology is taking turns everywhere, home is not an exclusion. How about a smart home? It will be far easier to have automated electricals so that switching on and off becomes just a click away instead of having to walk all the way long to do the same.

These are the main points you can take care of for creating a perfect bedroom for elderly. A bonus tip is to have walls painted with soothing hues to provide an overall great ambience.