Delivering affordable personalized in-home care
Founded in 2014 in San Francisco Bay Area, NeogenCare's vision is to transform the way healthcare is provided and received by patients in the home. We strive to improve the quality of your life with our team of specially trained nurses, therapists and reliable caregivers.

Making technology work in home healthcare

  • Tele-monitoring integrated into the transition care flow for highly critical patients.
  • E-library for family/caregivers: 20-60 pages of educational content for family.
  • Automated medication dispenser for high risk patients.
  • Special software for transition care management.
  • Data analytical support for case managers to identify high risk.
NeoGenCare is fully equipped with an experienced team comprising screened professionals with multilingual capabilities, licensed and certified to deliver quality health care.

Why are we Special?

  • Operational in 11 counties in CA, we are guided by a culture of personal, clinical, and technological excellence in giving the best care.
  • Serviced over 10,000 patients with an average monthly 300 admissions and 400 active patients. 700 visits a week.
  • Fully equipped with 210+ highly experienced field clinicians and therapists and screened professionals with multilingual capabilities, licensed and certified to deliver quality health care.
  • Our Hospital Readmission rate of 11% is below California (14%) and USA (15%)

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Why Choose Us?

Patient-centric Approach

  • Disease-specific programs as part of the collaborative efforts with hospitals and other providers.
  • Partnership with a tele-monitoring company for high risk conditions, real time monitoring of vitals and 24/7 support for such patients.
  • Collaboration with Private Duty companies for patients who need constant support at home

Effective Care Coordination

  • Frequent nurse visits when patients are initially admitted to home health.
  • Partner with the hospitals’ internal protocols.
  • Face-to-face interaction with patients and families before they are discharged.
  • Weekly Status Report

Timely Follow-up

  • Tracking of doctor appointments to ensure patient schedules
  • Regular telephonic visits to check on the patient and reinforce education.
  • Collaboration with physicians to enhance quality patient care.

Medication Management

  • Medication reconciliation and patient education on medication management.
  • Collaboration with mobile wound surgeon for chronic wounds
  • Provides DME for patients

Education and Coaching

  • Disease-specific education on signs and symptoms.
  • Distribution of awareness handbooks and other literature.