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In Safe Hands

We provide the highest quality patient care in the home, with compassion and respect for the individual. Your health is safe in our hands.

We believe that people deserve a safe and comfortable environment where they can heal and recover.  Having access to the same facilities that they would in a hospital in the comfort of their homes lends them a level of independence as well as unparalleled comfort and dignity. As a Home Health Care Provider and Hospice Care Agency, this belief is at the core of everything that we do at Neogen Care.


Founded in 2014 in San Francisco Bay Area, Neogen Care’s vision is to transform the way healthcare is provided and received by patients in the home. We strive to improve the quality of your life with our team of specially trained nurses, therapists, and reliable caregivers. As a leading provider of medical and non-medical home health care services, we will continue to contribute to the future of our community and support healthy lifestyles. Today we are a trusted and sought-after Home Nursing Services, Palliative care Services, Medical Social Worker Services, Home Physician Services, Physical and Occupational Therapy Services, Infusion and Speech Pathology Services, and Home Health Aide Service provider in California and Arizona.



To responsibly oversee and deliver high quality caring, affordable medical and non medical home care services, to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families in our care with empathy and compassion.

A lot of elderly patients live alone with no support system to rely on, once they leave the hospital. Most of the time, they are still weeks away from complete recovery and return to their normal lives. They need both medical and non-medical support as well as a comfortable environment to make a quick and complete recovery.


Neogen Care is a home health care provider and hospice care agency. We support individuals and families with diverse medical and non-medical needs with empathy and compassion. We responsibly oversee and track their progress as well as deliver the highest quality of professional care.

Our Core Values

In addition to our mission, we are guided by some core values. They guide us to be the best. To do what is right and not what is easy.


Neogen Care, in addition to being a professional and thorough home health care provider and hospice care agency, also looks forward to finding that human connection. To genuinely be invested in the well-being and better life of those whom we serve.


 To provide the same level of quality care and support day after day requires a high level of integrity and commitment. Integrity is at the heart of everything that we do. We believe in not just doing what is right but also in doing it in the right way.



Our patients trust us to do our best every day and we trust our team to deliver their best every day. You can trust our expertise. You can trust our professionalism. And above all, you can trust us to give our best


All of our practices and procedures are based on legal and professional requirements. We follow the law of the land and those dictated by the medical profession. We are a compliant company and that is yet another reason for you to trust us.


We work closely with hospitals, health professionals, other caregivers, and organizations that help improve the experience of our patients. We believe that the strength is in working together and helping each other if we want to build a healthy and happy community.

Why are we Special?

  • Operational in 11 counties in CA, we are guided by a culture of personal, clinical, and technological excellence in caregiving.
  • Services 6,000-7,000 patients a year, with an average monthly 400 admissions and 500 active patients, 2000+ visits a week.
  • Manned by 240+ highly experienced field clinicians, therapists and screened professionals with multilingual capabilities, licensed and certified to deliver quality health care.

Counties where we offer services


  1. Napa
  2. Sacramento
  3. Solano
  4. Marin
  5. Contra Costa
  6. San Joaquin
  7. San Francisco
  8. Alameda
  9. San Mateo
  10. Santa Clara
  11. Santa Cruz

We have truly enjoyed our nurse care services from Neogen Care! They have been so thorough and caring. Their nurses bring a good vibe into our home and are so pleasant and positive.


Cliff P.
Concord, CA

I must start off by saying that the NEOGEN team that has come to care for my father has far exceeded my expectations and has made his transition from hospital to home following his stroke much more manageable and less stressful. Keep up the amazing work you all do! It means so much and is so greatly appreciated. All home health care should carry this same standard and be like the care we are receiving from Neogen Care!


Thank you so much!


Angela B.
Concord, CA

I would like to thank Neogen Care for their assistance with my father… We are grateful for all you did on his behalf for a speedy recovery. I also want to hank the office staff at Neogen Care since they were always available during all ours to answer any questions me or my mom had. Great company with great community service.


Definitely A++ 🙂


Steven H.
San Jose, CA

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