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Preserving a Lifetime of Dignity and Wellness

Hospice is where notions of curative treatment are replaced by a committed effort to provide comfort and compassion as the patient reaches the end of the journey of life. Caring for the client’s medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs is what hospice is chiefly about. What drives the Neogen Care Hospice is the belief that terminally ill patients need compassionate support above all else. Neogen Care Hospice assists such patients to address end-of-life issues and continue living with dignity and comfort. Neogen Care extends its support to the family of the patient too to tide over this highly stressful and traumatic situation.


Neogen Care’s strength lies in blending personal, clinical and technological excellence to give the best possible care for the client that the health system can offer at the moment, and that too in the privacy and comfort of their homes.

Though the hospice program is primarily about in-home care, services may also be provided in a hospital or nursing home if need be. Also, our Hospice team helps with making informed choices about caregiving, educates and updates the family on the necessary skills, and provides empathetic support and hand-holding through the terminal period of the patient. We also help the families cope with the trauma of bereavement.


We have created a one-of-a-kind four-tiered Hospice Care Program that addresses all Hospice needs. This program is intended to assist both the patient and his or her family. When establishing Hospice care programs, the immediate family is also a benefactor because they are going through a very demanding and stressful time – physically and emotionally. Burnout is very prevalent. Emotional trauma is also a factor. Our program recognizes this and has built it to assist the family as well.

Neogen Care Hospice Services

Hospice care is a specialized service. To efficiently provide this service at home, you need to have a strong support network of caregivers, the care community, and specialists who are committed and passionate about what they do. Neogen Care brings together a host of specialist services and offers a comprehensive Hospice care program for the maximum benefit of the patients and their families.

Our Hospice services include:

  • Nursing
  • Physician Services
  • Medical Social Services
  • Hospice Aide/Homemaker Services
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy,
  • Volunteer Services and Spiritual, Dietary and Bereavement Counseling.

All of our Hospice care services are provided under the direction of a certified physician and/or the Hospice Medical Director. Neogen Care will provide Hospice-approved medications, medical supplies, and equipment as appropriate.

Four-level Hospice Care Programme

Neogen Care has devised a comprehensive four-level Hospice care program that takes care of the entire gamut of patient well-being:

Routine Home Care

This is the most common and basic service mode that we offer at the patient’s home, long-term care facilities, or nursing homes. This includes regular care for the elderly on a day-to-day basis.

Continuous Care

Special situations and the need for hospitalization are common in Hospice Care. To address these special situations that call for acute symptom management in order to avoid hospitalization, Neogen Care Hospice staff provide continuous service in shifts of upto 24 hours/day.

Inpatient Care

In the event that a patient’s condition cannot be managed at home, special arrangements will be made at other facilities to provide hospice services round the clock until the patient is fit to return home. This is usually short-duration care and the outcome we seek is that the patient recovers well enough to be cared for in their homes.

Respite Care

Continuous caregiving can be challenging for the family and often leads to ‘burnout’ of the caregiver. In such situations, Neogen Care will step in to relieve the caregiver and give him a welcome break until he is fit to resume the caregiving duties. This is also short-duration care that is designed to help the family of the patient.

In addition to the above that 4 types of care assistance covered in our Hospice care program, Neogen Care also provides counselling and support to the family members to deal with the loss of their loved one.  

Providing Hospice Care Service is a demanding job. It needs a team of committed, compassionate and professional caregivers and support staff. People who are well-trained and experienced in domains such as Home Nursing Services, Palliative care Services, Medical Social Worker Services, Home Physician Services, Physical and Occupational Therapy Services, Infusion and Speech Pathology Services among others. Above all, it needs a caring heart and a will to serve. Neogen Care is blessed to have some of the best caregivers and experts who bring their best day after day. It keeps us motivated to continuously do better and improve ourselves and offer better, more affordable, and more comfortable home health and hospice care.